The Art of Floor Sanding (part 2)





Hi Floor Bore here again!

Today i want to talk about some basics to our technique gained over many years of performing the Art.
The first principle is the use of Lights.
All our work is done using a 300/400 Watt halogen builders light.
Place the light on the ground and shine it across what you think is a smooth wood floor and you might be suprised at what is revealed..
The slightest ridge will look like a mountain range and a scratch will look like a deep cut!
The light gives us a microscopic view of the wood floor surface.
Using a light at all times enables us to know exactly where we are with the floor sanding process.
If we want to make a pass with the sanding machine to remove the previous scratches we can be sure that it actually does this!
Using the light removes all guesswork and guarantees the finish we need for whatever product we finish the floor with.
But the light can also induce paranoia.
The light will show up EVERY detail and we must know what marks and scratches are okay to leave and what may cause problems in the overall finish.


buffing oak.jpg
julian moore